21 April 2021
Development to delight Visual Studio Code users

Development to delight Visual Studio Code users

Popular software development tools Visual Studio Code A new update has been released for. 1.54 to apply with the version number update Apple Silicon M1 support has been added.

VS Code so far Apple’s Macs with M1 processors Rosetta 2 It was working through its emulator. This was causing a considerable amount of performance loss in the application. Thanks to Microsoft’s addition of Apple M1 support to the application, this problem was eliminated.

Visual Studio Code gets Apple M1 support

Microsoft has released the new update for Visual Studio Code with the following statements. announced:

“We are delighted to announce our first stable release of Apple Silicon. Mac users with M1 chips can now use VS Code without emulation with Rosetta. So users Better performance and longer battery life when running VS Code they will have.

The default download file for VS Code for macOS is now a universal build that works natively on all Macs. On the downloads page you can find more links to architecture specific builds for Intel or Apple Silicon, which are smaller downloads compared to the Universal package.

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Visual Studio Code; C++, C#, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS and Java It supports many popular software languages, including The application, which is the only choice of most software developers, was expected to be compatible with the Apple M1 chip because it is free.

In addition to the Apple Silicon M1 chip, Microsoft has also made some improvements to the Visual Studio Code. Among these improvements; The interface of the Timeline section, the keyboard on toolbars and tabs their wandering and overall system performance takes place.

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