30 July 2021
Did a meteor fell to Turkey?  Social media standing

Did a meteor fell to Turkey? Social media standing

After the images reflected on social media ‘Did a meteor fell to Turkey? ‘ The question began to be asked. Because in some images seen on social media, an object similar to a meteorite is seen in the sky. It is claimed that the incident in question was seen from Trabzon, Ankara, Yozgat, Çankırı and the surrounding provinces.

The light beam reflected on the images was seen around 22.50. Turkey’s mainly transmitted light as seen from the central and northern regions was allegedly caused by a meteorite. The meteors in one of the world during certain periods that coincided with Turkey were transferred.

Did the meteor crash last night?

A meteor last night after some of the images posted on social media was allegedly dropped a point in Turkey. When the images are examined, it is seen that an object is approaching the ground quickly. It is reflected in the images that the object, which continues its journey for a while, suddenly shines.

As the meteorites descend towards Earth, they burn due to the atmosphere and friction. Meteorites that disappear or become small stones after this burning reach the earth. Therefore ‘Did a meteor fell to Turkey?‘The answer to the question is currently unclear. Because it is not yet known whether the object was destroyed by burning and glowing while descending.

Events related to citizens who share via social media, Turkey has reported that he saw the sky light beam from various regions. Making a statement to DHA last year, Prof. Dr. It turned out that Osman Bektaş said that such natural phenomena could be seen.

Prof. Dr. In a statement made last year, Bektaş stated that meteor shower and meteor crash are one of the most natural events in the world. Underlining that it is the calendar of meteor rains, Prof. Dr. Bektas, Turkey also reported in the northern hemisphere where such events can be seen. Naming these celestial bodies as “the debris of comets in space”, Prof. Dr. Bektaş noted that the objects generate energy due to high temperature and friction. He stated that some of these objects melted in the atmosphere and some of them fell to the earth as stones.

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