31 July 2021
Digital transformation started at IMM: Archives are going digital

Digital transformation started at IMM: Archives are going digital

Continuously continuing its digital transformation efforts The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality makes all files, documents and documents from the past to the present compatible with technology with the Digital Archive study.

Thanks to the system that allows for multiple usage, all data will be easily, quickly accessible, updated and shared electronically from a single point. Efforts, time and expenses spent on printing, copying, and file archiving of documents on paper will be minimized and all kinds of documents will be transferred to future generations in a healthier way.

While uninterrupted automation system provides significant operational efficiency, corporate server and high-level security IMM Data Center Documents to be archived as backup with its infrastructure are taken under additional protection against various disasters within the scope of earthquake measures.

Business and service times will be shortened with digitalization

Underlining that Digital Archive studies are an important service that will carry corporate memories to the future, General Manager of İBB İSTTELKOM A.Ş. Nihat Narin“Information infrastructures are becoming more important for business, education and life every day.

It is very important for us that the transactions of our municipality are concluded quickly. An important part of the digital transformation is digital archive studies and the current data in electronic environment will be analyzed and classified, and the quality of service offered to citizens will be greatly increased.

Urban memory will be carried into the future

Providing information about the work done, Narin; ”With the Digital Archive study, it is aimed to transform all millions of documents belonging to IMM and its affiliates into numerical meaningful data. Thanks to the system, the distances will be eliminated and public personnel and citizens working remotely due to the pandemic will be able to access documents safely within a few minutes, 7 days 24 hours, without going to the institutions. At the same time, the work that will carry the city’s memory to the future will make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment.” found the assessment.

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