4 August 2021
Discord blocks all iOS users

Discord blocks all iOS users

Discord all iOS its users NSFW blocking from servers. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) can be specified in any document, video or photo. The document, which has the NSFW label, contains video or image +18 content. This tag on Discord servers can be placed on channels within the server. The NSFW tag warns users against those contents. This update of Discord directly affects iOS users.

Discord brings NSFW tag to servers

Discord, NSFW It enabled the tag to be used in channels before. With the new update, the NSFW tag can be used on the entire server. If the entire server contains NSFW content and the server theme is on it, the server automatically gets this tag. Having several channels with NSFW tags on the server does not give NSFW tags to that server. iOS platformundaki all users (Including those over the age of 18) NSFW It is prevented from joining and accessing servers with the tag. IOS users over 18 With the same accounts, they will be able to join servers with the NSFW tag on the web and desktop versions of Discord.

Discord iOS blocks

If account holders accidentally or uncaringly chose an age of 13-17, Discord’s Trust & Safety they have to prove it on the panel. To prove your age, you must first have a photo ID. Take a photo of your ID and your username written on paper, and Trust & Safety to your team via this link you need to send. If your server is unreasonable NSFW etiketi you should report it to the Trust & Safety team as well.

The biggest reason Discord blocks all iOS users from NSFW servers is thought to be due to Apple’s implementation guidelines. Apple does not want applications that contain NSFW content or NSFW content to be produced by users within these applications. When this rule is violated, Apple, On the App Store without informing the developer has the right to uninstall the application.

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