1 August 2021
Discord releases the 'Transparency Report' of 2020

Discord releases the ‘Transparency Report’ of 2020

Discord recently released “Transparency ReportAccording to 2020in the second half of extremist and violent due to content 2.212 banned the server permanently. The platform is also due to similar violations Tie 30 He also deleted extra accounts.

To put these figures in perspective, the company had a total 27.410 server and 266.075 Let us point out that it removed the non-spam account. In addition, the number of communities Discord has banned due to extremist or violent content, according to a recent transparency report, 2020compared to the first half of 93 percent increased.

Discord takes a proactive approach

Discord continues to stunt the growth of extremist movements in general, with a more proactive approach to its part. For example the company, QAnon connected with 334 servers in the report he prevented “Hate, violence or extremist “We continue to believe that groups organized around ideologies have no place on Discord.”

An application you use to chat with your friends while playing a game Discordhas since grown into a place where you can find people with different interests, from book clubs to jam sessions.

Moreover, people have flocked to the service since the coronavirus epidemic started. And with this growth, Discord has turned its eyes to mainstream success, rebranding in the middle of last year to make its service more accessible to non-gamers.

Microsoft’s platform, with the exception of the report and the actions it elaborates 10 billion It is also reported that it is negotiating to buy it for more than dollars. Looking at the history of such potential gains, Twitter There are examples such as.

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