4 August 2021
Discovery Plus starts broadcasting in Turkey: Here is history!

Discovery Plus starts broadcasting in Turkey: Here is history!

Turkey entered the market will be spoken for a while Discovery Plus There was an improvement regarding the service. In January, US-based media company Discovery announced that it was shaking hands with the digital broadcasting platform BluTV. In this context, the company, which acquired 35 percent of the platform, also acquired Discovery Plus. BluTV’ye integrating made the decision.

BluTV gave the good news to those who anticipate Discovery content from its social media account. Of service release date also explained.

Discovery Plus is finally starting to broadcast in Turkey

BluTV, the business partner of Discovery, which we know predominantly for its documentary productions, 5th of May’will host Discovery Plus starting from he explained. In this context Gold Rush, 90 Day Fiance, Dr. Pimple Popper Hundreds of contents, especially, can be watched on BluTV. Those who are already members will not have to pay extra to watch these productions.

Not only in Turkey but also abroad users with considerable BluTVannounced the development in two languages. “Our platform continues to grow with the content of our strategic partner discovery +! discovery + is on BluTV on May 5th!Making the statement, the company also shared information in English for its foreign customers.

BluTV, which has managed to make a name for itself with the investments it has made in the last 1 year, constantly brings new attractions to itself. Located on a busy popularity in Turkey Friends, Joker Platform that incorporates productions such as, S Sport It started to appeal to all kinds of viewers by hosting its channels. All of the contents 19.90 TL per month can be watched for a fee.

BluTV’s market share has been announced

The research done to you by JustWatch, BluTV’s the most widely used platform in Turkey is that had explained. Netflix in 2016 while the second was entering Turkey. This year, the situation has not changed. 43 percent of the most used digital content service with market share BluTV it turned out to be. Him-her-it 26 percent While following Netflix with; 18 percent with Amazon Prime, 8 percent MUBI followed with its market share. JustWatch, if other platforms 5 percent stated that it has a market share.

blutv netflix

Turkey market share of digital broadcasting platforms (Q1 2021)

Netflix, Turkey, in March 3.5 million subscribers He announced that he had reached the number. Considering that this number corresponds to a market share of 26 percent, BluTV’s More than 4 million It appears to have subscribers.

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