4 August 2021
Disney buys the rights to Spider-Man and other movies -SDN

Disney buys the rights to Spider-Man and other movies -SDN

Disney between Sony Pictures ”content licensing agreement”Officially completed. According to the collaboration, the company their rights purchased to publish on their platforms.

Contract, Spider-Man It includes the rights to many of Sony’s productions, including films. Same time 2022 ila 2026 Sony-made films to be released between the years Disney Plus and Hulu It is expected to take place in platforms such as.

Expected increase in Disney Plus subscribers after this deal


The deal included films from Sony, which will debut in 2022 to 2026, as well as films such as the old Spider-Man.

Movies included in Disney’s agreement with Sony the number is not disclosed. However, the acquisition of the rights of productions such as Spider-Man will allow the value of platforms such as Disney Plus and Hulu to increase.

The most important here detail Another streaming platform of Sony Netflix has made an agreement with him in the past weeks. According to this agreement, Sony-made films are Netflix directly will be published over. Netflix’s to Sony for this deal $ 1 billion for 5 years claimed to pay.

Hence, Disney and Sony’s agreementThe Netflix movies after the release, will enter. First priority You will always have Netflix. Therefore the company will include them in their libraries in the long run.

The company is particularly pleased with the development of the Disney Plus platform. For this reason, the company, which aims to further improve its service to its members, will continue to invest heavily in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This means new Marvel series and movies to come to the platform.

At the moment, it is not known which films are included in Sony and Disney’s deal, except Spider-Man. More details will emerge about the movies in the coming days.

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