14 April 2021
DJI FPV introduced: racing drone that reaches speeds of up to 140 km!

DJI FPV introduced: racing drone that reaches speeds of up to 140 km!

The first brand that comes to mind when drone is mentioned DJI FPV brought the bar to the next level with its model. Unlike any of the end-user products such as the Phantom and Mavic in terms of design, the device is the first FPV to be launched for the end user or the first in the industry. racing drone model has the feature of being.

Thanks to the glasses included in the package direct the image from the drone camera. you can see In this way, it disconnects you from the outside world and allows you to focus directly on the control of the device. Drone races are usually held with these glasses.

DJI FPV features

Of course, the DJI FPV is not only used for races. Including normal, sports and manual three different usage modes offers. In normal mode, everything progresses like a standard drone, in professional sports and manual mode you can push the limits. DJI O3 (OcuSync 3.0) Thanks to its technology, it has a long range of 10 km for image transfer.

DJI FPV features

Although it is not foldable like Mavic series, it has compact dimensions, 795 gram weight will require registration in many countries due. DJI Mini models, with a weight of 249 grams, did not require recording in our country and in many regions. Camera capable of recording 4K 60 FPS video, optik and DJI RockSteady electronic image stabilization It offers a 150-degree viewing angle as well as its technologies.

Although it comes with glasses, it is possible to start flying in a very short time by completing the installation process.

To compare with the Mavic series, the biggest difference is the maximum speed and acceleration it can reach. Because Mavic series capable of doubling and reaching a speed of 140 km per hour DJI FPV accelerates from 0 to 100 km in as little as two seconds.

According to DJI’s statement, it can stay in the air for up to 20 minutes. However, according to the first tests, the flight time in normal mode Around 15 minutes The device offers a battery time of less than 10 minutes when switched to sports or manual mode.

How much is the DJI FPV price?

The price of the starter package consisting of drone, remote controller, DJI FPV Goggles V2 glasses and battery $ 1299 was determined. You can also purchase the Fly More kit, which includes two more batteries, and accessories that allow you to manipulate the device with your hand movements.

DJI FPV features

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