30 July 2021
DJI is coming to redefine flying

DJI is coming to redefine flying

China-based technology company DJI has announced the launch date for its next generation drone. Announcing the date and time of the event with a video from its Twitter account, the company “Redefine Flying”Shared his note.

Assertive launch sharing from DJI

Drones, which have become one of the fast-growing entertainment hobbies, continue to touch a point of our lives every day. Civil flight vehicles that have recently become a market suitable for every budget with the momentum they have caught, DJIincreases its audience with its upper segment products.

2 Mart The new generation drone, which was announced to be introduced on the day, according to estimates DJI FPV Combo taking its name and From $ 1,299 is expected to be available for sale.

On the other hand, the drone, which is thought to impress with its technological features, “Motion ControllerIt is claimed that there will be a controller named ”.

The increasing expectation with the assertive sharing of the Chinese company excited drone lovers. What are your predictions about the new generation DJI drone?

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