1 August 2021
Do wolves come out of the masks?  We tried!

Do wolves come out of the masks? We tried!

In a video published on YouTube and TikTok platforms, it was claimed that a wolf emerged from the standard mask used to protect against coronavirus, and this situation shook social media. So is it really a wolf out of the mask? Of your problem answer in this video.

Do worms come out of the steam-heated mask?

We tested the accuracy of the claim that wolves emerged from daily masks spread on social media. Without further ado, let’s leave you with the video. Have a good time.

In a video published on social media, it was claimed that black wolves were among the standard masks we use most often to protect against coronavirus. The black wolves emerging from the steam-heated masks almost astonished those who saw it.

Although some users think that this video was shot with the intention of harming the brand, the images in general disturb the citizens. No statement has yet been made from the mask manufacturer regarding these alleged images.

It is claimed that what appears in the video may not be worms but fiber fibers, and according to some people, they are parasites that harm human health.

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