28 July 2021
Dogecoin replaced game tokens!

Dogecoin replaced game tokens!

Developed as a joke in 2013 Dogecoinhas been valued at an incredible extent with the support it received from Elon Musk over the past month. With the effect of social media, this crypto money, which is rapidly spreading around the world and seen as an investment tool, comes up with different usage examples. DOGE currency replaced tokens in a game room.

Dogecoin started to be used in the arcade

The video shared by “ArkadiaRetrocade” on Reddit, in the arcade hall Quarters or tokens It shows that Dogecoin is being used instead. Written at the entrance door of the hall “Dogecoin passes here”Text shows this. You must own Dogecoin to be able to play in this 80s-themed business with retro gaming machines. Located in the US state of North Carolina, this business could spearhead a new trend.

No quarters! NO tokens! Only coin is DOGE (now accepted at my freeplay 80’s arcade)! from dogecoin

The owner added that under the video he shared, the first customer was surprised to see this payment method. Business How he gets the payments wondering because not everyone has a cryptocurrency wallet and only DOGE It would be difficult for a business that accepts to gain customers. Still, we see people wanting to visit the business in the comments on this post that might go viral.

Do you find the decision made by this company logical? Should the number of businesses receiving payments with cryptocurrency increase?

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