6 August 2021
Donald Trump starts his own social media network

Donald Trump starts his own social media network

Former US President Donald TrumpTo the Capitol January 6 attack then it was blacklisted in social media networks. Facebook and Twitter Many platforms, notably, completely parted ways with the former leader.

With a platform that Trump will establish himself after months will return to social media learned. The service that will serve the conservative wing will probably be an unregulated internet network as the former leader always dreamed of.

Donald Trump will “redefine the game” on social media

Donald Trump’s deputy Jason miller, Fox Newsthe former president told to start your own social network He expressed his thinking. This platform according to Miller in two to three months will come to life. The broadcast understanding of the platform is not clear for now. However, according to the explanations, the application that will be released soon, “will redefine the game“. The potential target audience is at least ten million in the initial phase!

Unlike mainstream social media platforms, Trump’s application will open the door to right-wing ideologies. Service to appeal to the conservative community Speak and MeWe It will be an alternative to applications such as. It is also likely that, as the former US leader envisioned in other applications, control in his service will be rather limited. Or it will never happen.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has taken action for his own social media app.

What happened?

Donald Trump was banned from all popular social media platforms in January. Twitter and Facebook supporters through Congress BuildingThe former president wanted to oppose the election of Joe Biden. But things did not go the way he wanted. The raid by the right-wing conservatives was brought under control. Next Snapchat, Twitch and YouTubeAll platforms, including Turkey, parted ways with Trump.

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