4 August 2021
Driverless Tesla became a grave for 2 people!

Driverless Tesla became a grave for 2 people!

Driverless, which has been in the foreground with recent accidents Tesla automobiles took lives this time. Authorities stated that the vehicle with nobody in the driver’s seat was in flames and the inside reported that two people died.

Driverless Tesla extinguished in four hours

Broadcasting in Houston Texas KPRCAccording to the news of TeslaTwo people in the vehicle died as a result of the explosion of. In local time 21:00 An investigation was launched into the accident that occurred in the ranks. According to preliminary determinations TeslaThe crews tried to extinguish the fire while the battery of the company continues to catch fire again. four hours throughout 30 bin galon su had to use it.


In the reports, it was stated that the car was driving at high speed and could not turn, then went towards a tree on the roadside. It was found that one of the deceased was in the front passenger seat of the car and the other was in the back seat. 2019 specified as the model electric Tesla‘s otopilot It is not yet clear whether the driver assistance system has been activated or not.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under investigation by otopilot There have been 23 accidents related to the system so far. However, this accident has the distinction of being the first fatal accident without anyone in the driver’s seat. The company has your autopilot He warned that it is not an autonomous driving system and that constant attention should be paid to the road during use.

Earlier Tesla CEO’su Elon Musk, a tool otopilottayken surveillance cameras or steering wheel additional sensors had rejected calls from engineers such as, on the grounds of ineffectiveness. In addition, the company that closed the press unit, he declined to comment on the fatal accident.

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