21 April 2021
Dropbox good news for its users: That option is free

Dropbox good news for its users: That option is free

Dropbox, users 50 passwords for free will allow it to be stored as. The application will soon enable secure password sharing for free.

Still on Dropbox Password Manager for use paid you must have an account. However, with the new update, you no longer need to pay to use this feature.

Users will be able to access the service free of charge from April

Company, Dropbox Password Manager announced that it will be available to Basic Users for free from early April. Free option ile Dropbox’ta three devices between synchronous You will be able to store up to 50 passwords. On the other hand, you will soon be able to share secure passwords with others.

Flow and cloud in an era of abundant services 50’den It is clear that this service is a real chance at the point where you will need a lot of input. Dropbox It is thought to be to guide the plans.

Bad news for free users of Dropbox!

However, Dropbox Password Manager, available for free, can provide a competitive advantage while also becoming accessible to more people.

LastPass it recently limited free synchronization to a single device type, making the free offer impractical when you want to access passwords from both your computer and phone. However, even if you run into limitations, it will be easier to manage with Dropbox’s free offer.

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