4 August 2021
Easy calibration to Apple TVs with tvOS

Easy calibration to Apple TVs with tvOS

Apple introduced its new products at the Spring Loaded event, which it virtually held. One of them was the new version of Apple TV 4K. Apple, which comes up with a more powerful processor, also updated the remote control of the device.

Among the innovations of Apple TV 4K, smart color balancing feature came to the fore. This feature, which allows you to adjust the color calibration of the screen with the iPhone, was expected to be unique to the new Apple TV 4K. But to older generation owners It was announced that this support would be given.

Color balancing feature part of tvOS 14.5

Apple notes that color calibration configuration support with iPhone is not exclusive to Apple TV 4K he explained. Primary generation and next As well as Apple TV 4K Apple TV HD He stated that the owners can also benefit from it. Color calibration tvOS 14.5 ′Emphasizing that it is in Apple, also underlined that the devices should be updated.

In devices produced for content consumption such as Apple TV, it is very important that the screen gives the correct colors. You need to calibrate the screen for both the right colors and the balance that suits your taste. This process, which has been done in the settings menu of the device until now, made easy. Minimum iOS 14.5 loaded and Face ID Users with supported iPhone will be able to calibrate the Apple TV screen using their phones.

New Apple TV 4K and remote

If both of your devices meet the requirements, you can run the new feature by following the steps below:

– With iPhone unlocked, enter Settings on your Apple TV.
– Click Image and Sound.
– Choose Color Balance.

In the meantime, hold the front of your phone towards the monitor. First of all, the iPhone is located in the notch part. Thanks to TrueDepth sensors It will detect Apple TV. Subsequently, the balancing process will begin and tvOS will detect the data from the iPhone and determine the best color setting. After the process is complete, it will be possible to compare the calibration with the previous one.

Apple TV color calibration setting with iPhone

Experiencing the new feature of tvOS 14.5 Reddit users shared their first impressions. While some suffered from the interruption of the color balancing process, others stated that the process was successful. As a result of the transaction, AppleTV’s the color temperature has increased and colors become more natural There were also those who said.

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