30 July 2021
Electric bus converted from Ankara Metropolitan

Electric bus converted from Ankara Metropolitan

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality from its affiliates Belka Inc. He has signed a major bus conversion project for Turkey. Bringing buses that have expired back to life converted electric bus project first in scope one hundred percent electric bus was produced.

Readily in Turkey one hundred percent electric bus Although its production is made, Beam With this transformation, an important first has been achieved. The first good news about transformation Ankara Metropolitan Municipalitysi given from Twitter account.

How did the transformed electric bus project come to life?

Video sharing about the project, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by Twitter was done over. The project, realized on an old diesel bus that has completed its life, blazed a trail in this sense.

Domestic Production with possibilities Beam facilities Ankara Metropolitan Municipality The bus produced with its facilities has been transformed at a cost of one third of the cost of a zero electric bus. With this conversion, an old 16 year old diesel city bus was used. The vehicle, which became electric after the transformation, will be able to serve as a municipal bus for another 15 years.

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A short video about how the project came to life Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in the video, Albert Einsteinbelonging to “Logic takes you from point A to point B, and imagination everywhere.” gave place to his promise.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş, about subject:

“We’ve transformed an old bus from becoming fully electric. Old buses were extremely unfavorable for Ankara in terms of both air pollution and fuel consumption. Because in Ankara, air pollution is experienced from time to time due to the use of too many vehicles and other reasons.

Test right nowr European standards according to completed. Ministry of Industry ‘After applying to and getting the approval, we will now take care of mass production. After that on the streets of Ankara electric buses I hope we will see. ” made a statement in the form.

Converted electric bus and its features

Belkaş General Manager Dursun Çiçekby shared information In the light, the converted electric bus features stand out. When the range of the city bus is difficult in road tests 300 kmin ideal conditions 400 kmuntil. This converted of the electric bus battery A 3 hour charge the post is full and ready to go again.

According to existing city buses as fuel one fifth The new target for the bus, which comes up with less fuel costs, is to make the imported parts and software completely domestic.

Ministry of IndustryTests for the converted bus project, which will start mass production if approved, were completed in accordance with European Union standards.

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