1 August 2021
Electric version of Chevy Silverado pickup trucks coming - ShiftDelete.Net

Electric version of Chevy Silverado pickup trucks coming – ShiftDelete.Net

General Motors (GM), the company’s best selling tool Chevy Silverado produced an all-electric version of their pickup truck confirmed. Vans of GM new electric vehicle will be powered by its battery and will be approx. 640 km the way will be covered.

Chevy Silverado will also focus on commercial fleet

Electric Silverado’nun He did not explain when it would go on sale. But GM head of Mark Reuss, In an event he attended last day, he stated that the company will also produce commercial fleet oriented versions of the pickup truck. Reuss also electric for a while Silverado He stated that they sold, and the pick-up truck could be included in the electric vehicle market in ten years.


Electric Silverado’nun production, GM’in Reorganized for electric vehicles at a cost of more than $ 2 billion Detroit-Hamtrack’taki factory Factory Zero’da to do. Factory General Motors’un fully electric Hummer SUV and Hummer It also has the distinction of being the factory where it will build its pickaps. Electric Silverado who sees his project as a big step GM and Chevrolet, It plans to sell about 30 vehicles globally by 2025. But the fact that their rival Ford already has an electric F-150 worries the firm.

In the next few years, a number of other electric pickups are expected to hit the market. Among them Of Rivian Its R1T is expected to be presented towards the end of 2021, while Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to hit the road in early 2022. also GM’nin electric Hummer The turntable will also be available during these periods.

Electric Silverado, last year GM’nin announced vice It will be the flagship of the special electric vehicle platform. Designed to be modular vice platform, GM’nin It will power most of its upcoming electric vehicles. The company is in the largest configurations of the platform 400 miles (approx. 640 km) can provide range and provide really fast charging of trucks built on the project 800 volt promised to have architecture.

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