22 April 2021
Elon Musk explains why the SN10 exploded

Elon Musk explains why the SN10 exploded

After a successful landing, SpaceX’s SN10 Starship vehicle appeared to have emerged unharmed from the prototype test flight. However, the vehicle exploded on the landing strip about a minute later, causing a massive fire, like the other test vehicles.

Elon Musk gave the answer on Twitter

After the intervening time Elon Musk explained what went wrong with the responses he sent to followers on Twitter. SpaceX CEO, likely the SN10 engine “Partial helium ingestion from the fuel header tank” He stated that the thrust was low due to the fact that the impact crushed the legs of the rocket.

Following this answer by Elon Musk, Chris Bergin from NASA Spaceflight saw that the helium intake was caused by the pressurization system added to the CH4 tank to prevent what caused the SN8 Starship to explode. “A deceptive problem” He tweeted that he was.

As you remember, SpaceX, SN10, after a last second cancellation on the first launch He launched the Starship shuttle 10 kilometers above the earth and made a high-altitude test flight. The SN10 maneuvers more smoothly than previous tests, Boca ChicaLanded softly on the pad in TX without bursting.

But just a few minutes after the Starship SN10 landed and SpaceX ended its live stream, a very strange incident happened. SN10 burst through the pad, joining its other predecessors.

After the partially failed SN10, SpaceX is preparing to perform the test flight of the SN11. However, no statement has yet been made from the space company as to when the SN11 will be realized.

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