23 July 2021
Elon Musk invites his employees to Mars parade

Elon Musk invites his employees to Mars parade

With his tweets crypto money Elon Musk, the “technoking” who turned his world upside down; again Twitter addressed to its employees over. Currently developing Starship rockets in Texas Elon Musk; for families with children aiming to revitalize the city center to bring in their employees; of school projects announced the incentive packages, including

Elon Musk will establish a living space where he sees as Mars gate

Elon Musk, In December last year, it announced that it left the state of California, the headquarters of many of the technology companies, and moved to Texas. Then earlier this month SpaceX ‘Starship’ named after Boca Chica Village in Texas where he developed his rockets. ‘Starbase’ suggesting that Musk be changed to; Starbase will cover a much larger area than the current region and Mars geçiti He said he would use it.

SpaceX ABD

In the tweet Elon Musk shared: “Please consider moving to Starbase or the larger Brownsville / South Padre area in Texas and encourage your friends to do so! SpaceX’s recruiting needs for engineers, technicians, builders and key support personnel of all types are rapidly increasing.“He used expressions.

Elon Musk announced that he has made investments in many areas for his employees to come to Starbase. In the other tweet he shared: ” $ 20 million to Cameron County schools and the City of Brownsville; I donate 10 million dollars for the revitalization of the city center. Details will be announced next week“He made statements.

According to the information leaked Musk, Although he explains the reason for moving with reasons such as productivity; Differences in the tax systems of the states may have influenced the decision of Elon Musk, the second richest person in the world. Texas individual income tax while not collecting; California is among the states that collect the highest taxes in the USA.

Technoking’in, 2014’te SpaceX’s launch facility; many houses in Boca Chica, where he laid the foundations and started testing rockets in 2019; he bought It was claimed.

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