5 August 2021
Elon Musk's childhood photo went viral

Elon Musk’s childhood photo went viral

Tesla CEO’su Elon MuskAttracted attention with his childhood photo shared on Twitter. The 17-year-old tech billionaire went viral on social media. The shared post was showered with comments by users.

Here is Elon Musk, 17 years old!

Famous entrepreneur Elon Musk continues to be talked about with every move. Although the crypto money craze often comes to the fore in the news, the reason why it comes to the agenda this time is a little different. Weird History shared a photo that people would be very surprised. That photo of Musk’s childhood was talked about a lot on social media.

In the photo, she is seen wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. He wears hats on his head and a hammer in his right hand. For photo sharing “Elon Musk, 17, visited his cousin’s farm in Canada wearing a hat over a hat., ”Note takes place.

Wearing a hat over a hat, as strange as it may seem, reveals that the tech CEO also has a sense of humor. It also shows that the jokes and jokes he frequently makes on social media have been going on since childhood.

Elon Musk

A photo of Elon Musk’s youth

In response to the post, users commented in a humorous way. Many users stated in their comments that they were amazed at the fact that he would be one of the richest people in the world.

One Twitter user jokingly said in response to Musk’s photo:a man with many hatsHe wrote the note. Another user is “Now he is the second richest billionaire. The man who changed the present and the future”He commented.

Musk, the second richest person in the world

As of March 2021 163.7 billion dollars Musk is the second richest person in the world after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos, $ 181.6 billion He amassed a fortune. Musk’s fortune has increased fivefold last year.

In January of this year, Tesla became the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’e 1.5 billion dollars made a surprising investment. A month later, Musk announced that people can now buy Tesla using Bitcoin as an exchange method.

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