21 April 2021
End of a legend: Google Cardboard disappears

End of a legend: Google Cardboard disappears

Known as simple and affordable virtual reality glasses Google Cardboardhas now stopped selling in Google’s official stores. Currently, this from various platforms cardboard VR glasses Although you may continue to buy, it seems that the product is slowly disappearing from the shelves.

Released in 2014 Cardboard virtual reality glasses It was born as an ideal option for those who want to taste VR entertainment for cheap prices. Google Store so far in the store approx $ 15 The product, which was sold for a reasonable price, was much more accessible than expensive alternatives. However, it was understood that another legend has come to an end …

Google halts Cardboard sales

As of today, in Google’s official internet stores “out of stockFor Cardboard products listed as ”, it is now the end of the road. Stating that they will not continue to sell these products in the store, Google announced that they ended the sales with the following sentence:

We no longer sell Google Cardboard in the Google Store.


Support for Cardboard developers will continue

While the sale of cardboard virtual reality glasses is terminated, Google will continue this project. Open source in 2019 Cardboard development project The company that started it announced that it will support developers for a while. But how much more this support will be provided is a great curiosity.

On the other hand, users who were late to purchase Cardboard started to turn to third party sales platforms.

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