30 July 2021
Enes Batur will not be able to upload videos to YouTube!

Enes Batur will not be able to upload videos to YouTube!

YouTube Enes Batur, one of Turkey’s largest retail channels, be able to upload video to the platform for a while. Yesterday To 15 million subscribers Announce that it has reached the young YouTuber, shared the bad news from his Instagram account.

Enes Batur has been fined for his old video

Celebrating his channel reaching 15 million subscribers, YouTuber with a special video would celebrate. But his Instagram post shows that the community strike of a video he uploaded five years ago does not allow this.

This is not the first time for Enes Batur, from time to time We hear the news that he could not upload a video due to the strikes he received. Sometimes videos can also receive warnings as a result of heavy spam reports.

It is not known when Enes Batur, who appears before the audience with his songs, sometimes with entertainment videos, will be able to upload a video. Batur asks his followers to pray about this situation.

What are community rules strikes?

These rules By YouTube is determined and mentions some restrictions on the content of videos on the platform. For example, uploading a video with hate speech or sexually explicit content on YouTube is prohibited. If it gets loaded, the channel will receive a strike when YouTube notices this. Number of warnings if it reaches three the channel is permanently closed. Community guidelines are updated from time to time, so creators need to follow them constantly.

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