4 August 2021
Environmentally friendly Playstation 5 move from Sony

Environmentally friendly Playstation 5 move from Sony

Want to draw attention to the use of plastic that has increased in recent years Sony, will make the packaging of the game consoles from environmentally friendly materials. The company has revealed details on its recyclable packaging approach for PlayStation 5 and peripherals. Accordingly, Sony found clever ways to reduce the use of plastic without damaging the aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

Recyclable packaging

The PlayStation 5 surprised many people with its curved white aesthetic that broke off from the PS4 system family. The large size revealed that the contents of the packaging would result in a significant amount of plastic waste. While packaging poses a challenge for Sony, it seems the company will tackle it.

Sony’nin Environmental and Technical Compliance Director Kieren Mayers According to a blog post published by the PlayStation 5, they manufacture the packaging of the PlayStation 5 using a minimum amount of plastic and designed it to be completely recyclable. This required Sony to replace many individual plastic components with paper components. However, the company removed some plastic bags that provide protection for guides and cables.

Playstation 5

Sony has also applied a similar philosophy to the package design of PlayStation 5 accessories, such as the standalone DualSense (PS5 joystick) controllers that come with the system. In the past, accessory packs such as the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller used plastic in the form of windows to view the contents of the box. These plastic windows have now been replaced with pictures of the products in the box. In addition, Sony used folding paper hanging hooks for its DualSense instead of glued plastic hooks.

A work is also being done for PS5 cases

Playstation 5

Playstation 5 console.

PlayStation 5 owners anticipate that these efforts will extend to the upcoming PS5 game cases as well. According to Mayers, some Sony gaming cases launched in the European market in 2021 will have recycled polypropylene (chemical compound with a wide range of uses from automotive industry parts to textile and food packaging). This move could open the door to environmentally conscious game packaging around the world.

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