28 July 2021
Epic Games case disappointed in the UK

Epic Games case disappointed in the UK

Fortnite’s maker Epic Games, antitröst with the claim of (unfair monopoly) Apple He wanted to carry the legal war he waged against him to the European continent. However, the firm’s United Apple in the Kingdom The lawsuit proposal he planned to open for was rejected. on the other hand Epic Games case, Google can continue over.

Epic Games case rejected

Epic Games, Citing the unfairness of Fortnite’s in-app purchases Apple and Google’s He had taken the game from their stores. Subsequently, the company was responsible for both US companies for violating competition laws. In the united kingdom He wanted to take him to court. But the Judge Justice Roth, Of England Epic and Apple He refused to sue, citing that the UK is not the best place to resolve the dispute between the two countries.


Besides Google with Epic The courtroom doors were also left open for a court case that could take place between the two countries. As for the possibility of realization of the case, Google has offices and subsidiaries in many places, especially in Ireland. showing.

on the other hand Epic Games’in Claims that the lawsuit he will file against Google will not be very effective are circulating in the backstage. Although Google Play Store though not on APK The possibility of playing the game through it seems to break the firm’s stubbornness on the case. Who want to download the game to their device Android users from here QR can scan the code and download the game.

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