21 April 2021
Epic Games' Fall Guys move

Epic Games’ Fall Guys move

Epic Games has been in the digital game market for a long time and is trying to increase its share in this market with its own digital game store. With a number of advantages offered to developers, new games to be released temporarily Epic Games Store’makes it special. With this action, Epic Games attracts users. By Epic Games Fall Guys With its move, it will be able to attract more users to its platform.

Epic Games buys Fall Guys developer Mediatonic!

Epic Games, Fall Guys developer Mediatonicparent company of Tonic Games Group‘u he bought. Both parties confirmed the acquisition by sharing blog posts after the acquisition deal was leaked by Bloomberg. Epic Games, in the blog post He stated that he aims to make the game a great experience for players on different platforms and will continue to invest. Epic Games had previously acquired Rocket League developer Piyonix. After this purchase Rocket League it was free. Fall GuysThere is no information that will be free after this purchase.

Fall Guys

Tonic Games Groupco-founder and CEO of Dave Bailey, “At Tonic Games Group, everyone they deserve a game that feels like it was made for them we say. Epic Games is like a “home” for us. Epic Games It also carries the mission of developing and supporting games that challenge time like us. We are excited to join our teams. ” made the explanation. also Mediatonic team, on their blog, of this purchase Fall GuysHe stated that it will contribute to the development of the game, to reach larger audiences of the game and to support the larger community even better. It is also in an advanced state in the Epic Games cross-platform multiplayer system. Dave BaileyHe notes that Fall Guys will also get better at cross-platform.

Epic Games

There is currently no information on whether Fall Guys will be free or not. New decisions may be made for Fall Guys later.

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