30 July 2021
Erzurum game was the subject of discussion on social media!

Erzurum game was the subject of discussion on social media!

Turkish production, which debuted in the middle of February and gained the attention of game lovers Erzurum gamebecame the subject of discussion. Two weeks after its release, the game divided gamers into two, with the famous Twitch broadcasters disagreeing.

Differences of opinion regarding the Erzurum game

Erzurum, a survival game, plays a character trying to survive in the cold conditions of Erzurum, as its name suggests. The maker of the game Proximity Gamesto publishers two weeks before the game early access code had sent. Publishers experienced this game, which attracted attention with its trailer, and presented their views.

Years in Using his name, Ahmet Results returned after experiencing the game live. Don’t like the game return live It was regarded as disrespectful by some players and normal by others. To these controversies PintiPanda The debate flared up when Tuna Ak┼čen, who used her name, was included.

After Jahrein returned the game after trying it, the game’s developer shared the following comment on Steam:

erzurum game

Some of the players argue that Erzurum is copied from another survival game, The Long Dark. Another part argues that the game is approached with prejudice and that the comments made by the publishers are only biased. This difference of opinion caused controversy on social media, especially Twitter and Reddit.

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