30 July 2021
EU climate law comes out: emissions will drop

EU climate law comes out: emissions will drop

European Unionsigned an agreement on climate change law earlier this morning. Net in 10 years reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 55 percent committed. EU institutions and member states will take measures to achieve these goals.

With the decision taken by the EU, this law will guide the union’s climate-related regulations in the coming decades. The law also Zero net emissions by 2050It determines the framework that will lead to reach. If this is adopted globally, the global temperature rise will be limited to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. The European Union has stated that this goal is a way to avoid the worst effects of global warming.

Emissions will decrease with climate law

To Reuters’ news According to him, after months of controversy and negotiations, negotiators representing the European Parliament and 27 EU governments finalized the climate law. Previous target EU-wide net emissions Until 2030Was to reduce the greenhouse gas emission level by 40 percent in 1990. Instead, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels. at least 55 percent took the goal of further reduction.

Climate crisis

The EU will start to take strict measures with the climate law decision.

As of 2019, EU emissions are already 24 percent lower than in 1990. EU lawmakers wanted to increase that to 60 percent by 2030. Environmental campaigners said it should be at least 65 percent.

With the climate law, the parties can reduce the amount of emission reduction that can be counted towards the 2030 target. 225 million tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) agreed to limit by equivalent. In other words, EU member states aim to achieve the target by reducing emissions from sectors that pollute the environment, rather than removing CO2 from the atmosphere through carbon-absorbing forests and wetlands.

The deal needs formal approval from the European Parliament and national governments. It will enter into force after it is published in the European Official Gazette.

Will there be additional taxes on imports of polluting goods?

The EU is preparing the ground for the climate change law regulations it plans to make in June. These regulations, suggestions to renew the EU carbon market, for cars stricter CO2 standards and CO2 costs for imports of pollutant goods includes adding. In addition, the European Union will create an independent body of 15 climate science experts. The scientific team will follow EU climate policies and make recommendations.

Climate law

Additional taxes may apply to those importing contaminating goods in EU countries.

It was noteworthy that the climate law agreement, which was created to protect our planet, was made before the climate summit to be hosted by the US government on Thursday and Friday.

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