4 August 2021
EU prepares to impose artificial intelligence ban

EU prepares to impose artificial intelligence ban

European Commissionhigh risk artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for forbidden plans to bring. According to the first information, European Union (EU) all those who are seen as contrary to their fundamental rights and fundamental rights. AI in this context forbidden can come. It is expected that the proposal, which is still in draft form, will pass the commission later this year.

Which artificial intelligence technologies will the European Union ban?

Acting as the EU executive body European Commissioncontradicting the fundamental rights and freedoms provided by the union. artificial intelligence is preparing to wage war against its technologies.

According to the first information, the first target of the commission is face recognition systems. Face recognition technologyis one of the areas where artificial intelligence is used most. Especially during the pandemic period, China frequently resorted to face recognition technology in the drastic measures it took.

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China actively used artificial intelligence supported face recognition systems during the pandemic period. In this sense, the EU is skeptical of artificial intelligence.

FROM Based on these experiences, giving the opportunity to restrict the freedom of people artificial intelligence technologies restriction or forbidden plans to bring. According to information from the backstage, the commission intends to set certain limits on technology, rather than ban technology entirely.

At the beginning of these limits is making the human factor in artificial intelligence stronger. Apart from facial recognition, there is a possibility of restrictions on security systems that use artificial intelligence and contain biometric data. It is not yet clear exactly which AI technologies the Commission will ban and what kind of a ban.

Face recognition scandals

Artificial intelligence is one of the basic technologies that will shape the future. Autonomous vehicles, robotics, and even the translation applications we use are powered by artificial intelligence. Face recognition technology started to enter our lives in 2018. However, despite this short period of time, AI-based technology has come up with many scandals.

Started to be used in countries such as the USA and Australia face recognition systemshas created controversy even in the countries where they are used. Amazon’s facial recognition system is currently used by the US police. However, scandalous results emerged in a test conducted with US senators three years ago. According to this Amazon facial recognition system he tried to match some senators with criminal profiles.

Clearview AI if artificial intelligence based face recognition one of the leading companies in the USA in technology. In 2020, the company collected person profiles from social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube without consent and included it in facial recognition technology. After this scandal, the company announced that the data in question would only be used by state institutions.

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