4 August 2021
Exciting news from NASA for Mars helicopters

Exciting news from NASA for Mars helicopters

NASA‘s, Perseverance With his vehicle named (Azim) Mars on his way helikopteri Ingenuity, The countdown to the flight has begun. The flight was delayed due to a problem in the helicopter before. However, NASA has done the necessary work. The work, which brought solutions to the software problems of the helicopter, started its journey from Earth to Mars. Changes to the software for the flight are expected to reach Mars.

New news came for the exciting Mars studies. While the researches about the Red Planet were continuing, the solution studies started due to the problem in the helicopter. Changes in the software of the helicopter were made by NASA. The changes made were tested before sending. Thus, the update’s journey of 236 million km began.

Countdown to Mars helicopter

One of the most striking studies on the Red Planet was helicopter flight. Working for this, NASA developed a special helicopter. However, when there was a problem with this helicopter, the flight was delayed. The helicopter called ‘Ingenuity’ (ingenuity) was prepared to go down in history. Because Ingenuity will be the first helicopter to be flown on another planet besides the bubble testers on Venus.

Mars helicopters Test flights are included first in the flight calendar prepared for. After the completion of these flights, real flights are also included in the plan. The helicopter had left Perseverance for its first night in recent weeks. It also showed resistance to cold on this first night. This durability also provided evidence of the helicopter’s capabilities.

mars helicopters

In the light of this information, NASA solved the problem and sent the necessary updates. However, due to the long distance, it is necessary to wait for updates to arrive. As it is known, it was necessary to wait for a while for the first high resolution images from Perseverance.

Considering the Ingenuity features, remarkable information stands out. NASA has spent $ 85 million for Ingenuity to date. Panels in Ingenuity rotate faster than helicopters on earth, as Mars’ atmosphere is 90 percent less dense than Earth’s atmosphere. This rotational speed is between 2300 and 2900 per minute. In addition, the helicopter weighs only 1.8 kg. However, only 1/3 of the energy supplied from the panels is used for flight. Because it is necessary to keep the circuits warm in cold Mars. 2/3 of the energy is used for this heating process.

The expectation that the first flight of the helicopter will be announced soon stands out.

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