18 April 2021
Expected update for Galaxy Buds Plus arrives

Expected update for Galaxy Buds Plus arrives

Samsung is known for bringing the features of its newly introduced products to its old model products through software updates. With an update published earlier, the company that brought some features in the Galaxy S21 series to the Galaxy S20 series has the same strategy. Galaxy Buds series wireless headphones It continues in its models.

Samsung, TWS headset model today Galaxy Buds Plus released a new update for. High-end wireless headset model found in Galaxy Buds Pro Automatic Switching feature of Galaxy Buds Plus’a the update in question, which only 1,14 MB size.

Expected update for Galaxy Buds Plus is in use

R175XXU0AUB3 Released as a version, the update is available to all Galaxy Buds Plus users worldwide, regardless of country. However, as the update is distributed gradually, it is stated that it will take time to reach all countries and regions.

galaxy buds plus

Made available for Samsung Galaxy BudsPlus Automatic Switching feature, Galaxy series smartphone and tablet users, between their devices transition smoothly and quickly allows them to do. This way, when you want to connect your headset connected to your phone to another phone or tablet, you will not have to bother with disconnecting the current device first. Meanwhile, in order for the feature to work, on all devices One UI3.1 Let’s add that the user interface should be.

And also Galaxy Buds Plus’a The update opens the doors to a new Buds control menu in the bluetooth settings menu of their phones. This menu, which contains some settings related to the headphones, has a simpler and more functional appearance.

How to install the update?

To install the Galaxy Buds Plus update, you need to Galaxy Wearable You need to download the application. The application that automatically pairs your phone with the headset allows you to easily download and install the update that comes to Galaxy Buds Plus. You can also install the application and install the update from the Settings menu.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus specifications:

– Audio Output: Stereo

– Noise Canceling: Passive Noise Cancellation

– Bluetooth Standard: 5.0

– NFC: No

– Multiple Connections: Where

– Usage Distance: 10 m

– General Usage Time: 11 seconds

– Intensive Use Period: 7.5 moments

– Usage Time (Charging Case): 22 seconds

– Charging Type: Wireless Charging Case

– Fast Charging Time: 3 dk

– Quick Charge Usage Time: 1 sa

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