30 July 2021
Explorer of the Blue Homeland spotted for the first time

Explorer of the Blue Homeland spotted for the first time

In the natural gas adventure in Mavi Vatan, in addition to the drilling ships, one of the vehicles that we have heard more in recent years. Explorer… Doing critical jobs at thousands of meters depth with its robotic arms Explorer 2 one of the best in his field.

Our seismic survey vessels Oruç Reis with Barbaros Hayrettin PashaOur drilling vessels as well as Fatih, Yavuz and CodeContinues to work around Mavi Vatan.

Explorer of the Blue Homeland appeared for the first time

According to the news of Sertaç Aksan and Cihan Karaahmetoğlu from TRT News, thousands of meters have been reached under the sea and the drilling ships have both eyes and hands. unmanned underwater vehicle Explorer 2 viewed for the first time.

unmanned underwater vehicle Explorer 2

While the first produced Kaşif is currently active on the Fatih drill ship, this time Kaşif 2 has emerged at the headquarters of Armelsan Defense Technologies in Pendik.

Explorer 2 with highly advanced sensors, high resolution cameras and robotic arms, heavy duty remote controlled underwater robot It is defined as.

Kaşif 2, which will join the Kanuni drilling ship next week, both transmits images with its advanced camera and performs works such as cutting and cutting, changing gaskets and wellhead cleaning transmitted from the drilling platform thanks to its robotic arms. Explorer 2 can go down to a depth of about 3 thousand meters.

Can Emre Maintenance, General Manager of Armelsan Defense Technologies, says that the localization rate of Explorer 1 is around 53 percent. In Explorer 2, this ratio increased to 65 percent. According to General Manager Maintenance, the localization rate in Explorer 3 and after will be over 70 percent.

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