1 August 2021
Exxen streamed two of their popular TV series for free on YouTube

Exxen streamed two of their popular TV series for free on YouTube

Founded by Acun Ilıcalı Exxen The first episodes of two popular TV series YouTube over free published as. Monthly 9,99 TLThe local content network, which offers subscription services with packages starting from, has taken an interesting step for those who are not yet members of the application.

Exxen platform January 1, 2021 started broadcasting on. The first episodes of their productions in the opening week TV8 The streaming network broadcasted on its screen continued to be shown only in digital with the second episodes. However, for internet users who have not met these productions yet, the platform has chosen to share its two prominent productions for free.

Exxen uploaded the first episodes of his two series to YouTube

Şeref Bey, Catharsis, My magic mom and Speaking draws attention with its contents such as Exxen surprised its followers. Two notable projects of the platform As and Void It was presented to the audience for free with its 1st episodes. While there is a requirement to subscribe to the application for the continuation of the content; nevertheless, such a surprise was welcomed.


Each section is approximately 30 minutes who have length As The series consists of 12 different stories in total. Absurd comedy In the lead role of the production that captured the attention of the young audience with its theme Feyyaz Yigit and Kivanc Kilinc sitting. In addition, the scenarios of Feyyaz series Saint Cat writes together with. Before the duo Mortal world and Ornament of Murder He also worked together in films such as the box office.

Like sequence

As with the 1st episode of the TV series Exxen’s YouTube channel.

To watch the first episode of Gibi for free, to the link you can click.


Omar Faruk Sorak The series “Hüksuzüz”, which is signed, focuses on the murders of women. Detective The themed production is about the relationship between Esma, the second boss of a law firm, and a lawyer candidate named Filiz, intersecting around a murder. In the series Burçin Terzioğlu, Hande Doğandemir, Alican Yücesoy and Ismail Hacıoğlu popular players such as.

Null series

With the first episode of the Null series, Exxen’s YouTube channel.

To watch the first episode of Hüksuzüz for free, to the link you can click.

Will Exxen air other dramas on YouTube?

One of the leading names of the digital broadcasting network Netflix are among the platforms that broadcast some of their content on YouTube. The service, which mostly opens its documentary and educational contents to watch free of charge, wants everyone to meet with the original productions it produces.

BluTV It also allows you to watch the first episodes of most of its series for free without the need to create an account. Set off in a similar way ExxenFor now, only two of his TV series have been shared for free. However, it is estimated that the platform will soon release other projects that have completed the season for free.

so you As and Void What do you think about the TV series? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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