5 August 2021
Facebook and Spotify merge: Project Boombox

Facebook and Spotify merge: Project Boombox

Facebook and Spotify platforms are coming together for a new feature that will allow people to listen to music while browsing social media. Facebook’s a CEO on Mark Zuckerberg one attended yesterday Discord He shared this good news with his fans in his chat.

Zuckerberg said in a statement that Facebook Spotify He said that he started to deepen his relations with his company. The music users listen to on Spotify Project Boombox reported that they will allow them to listen while browsing Facebook.

Spotify listening era begins on Facebook

Facebook app has a built-in application that allows users to instantly listen to Spotify music shared on Facebook without having to exit the app. Spotify player will integrate. The study will also allow content producers and artists to share their works more easily on social media.

Project Boombox

Podcast who want to enlarge his service SpotifyThanks to its agreement with Facebook, it wants to reach a wider audience. The advantage of Facebook will be its functionality to discover a number of audio feeds and provide instant interaction to its users. In this way, the company is thought to deeply shake Apple’s leadership in the field of podcasts.

Facebook rolls up sleeves for ‘voiced TikTok’

In addition to Project Boombox, Facebook continues to work for new vehicles at full speed. One of them is Soundbites new service named. Here, users can record short audio clips and News Feed will be allowed to share via. According to Zuckerberg this product Instagram ReelsIt will look like an audible version of. So to that TikTokIt is also possible to look like the audio-focused version of.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has yet to give a release date for Project Boombax, Soundbites, and other services in preparation. However, it is estimated that the expected features will be officially released in the coming weeks.

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