19 April 2021
Facebook announces its bracelet that works like a brain

Facebook announces its bracelet that works like a brain

Facebookannounced its wearable smart bracelet, which is a new technology it is working on. It has added a new one to the latest technology products it has introduced recently. Its most important feature is that it can perceive the nerve activity that controls your hands and fingers. In this way, it can detect your movements in advance and transfer them to the computer environment. The design is planned to enable new types of human-computer interaction.

The wristband perceives what to do with your nerves

Facebook virtual wristband

Facebook virtual wristband

A kind of elektromiyografi Functioning as a device, the bracelet converts nerve signals into digital commands. On your wrist, whether a VR Whether you’re wearing the headset or interacting with the real world, simply tap your fingers into the space to check the virtual inputs. You can also train the wristband to make your fingers feel what to do. Thus, even when your hands are completely still, you can transfer the actions you want to do to the virtual environment.

The bracelet does not have a name yet. Therefore, it is currently considered only as a concept. There are different versions of the bracelet with tactile feedback. Bosworthsays it will take five to 10 years for this technology to become widespread.

The purpose of all these studies is to fill a lack of virtual reality. This shortcoming is expressed in the following words. “Your hands disappear completely when you put on a VR headset. You can play games or grasp virtual objects by getting a pair of controllers. On the other hand, you lose your ability to take notes or draw with precision..”

You don’t have to touch any object

BosworthFor Facebook’s wristband technology WITH and VRHe says they have visions beyond. “You won’t have to physically type or use a mouse. You will gain access to an interface that allows you to perform your transactions without touching them. You will use this technology everywhere. ” The keyboard is the best embodiment of this. “This will be another way to get into virtual reality, except that you can carry this wrist computer with you everywhere,” he said.

Mind reading technology

Facebook showed in a virtual demo it shared earlier this week that a player was wearing a wrist device. In this demo, the player was moving the character in the game without moving his fingers at all. Bosworth sums up this situation as follows. “This technology actually transmits signals to the device that will move your mind’s thumb. In this way, the bracelet predicts this movement through the nerve. Thus, the process takes place concretely, without even moving the finger. These kinds of demos are actually examples of the transition to mind reading technology, ”he summed up.

The researchers say there is much more to be done in the area of ​​using EMG sensors as virtual input devices. They say that sensitivity is a big challenge. Each person’s nerves, arms, and wrist shapes are different, so it will take time to use this technology stably, said Chris Harrison, director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

On the other hand, Facebook did not give any details about the release date of the bracelet. Therefore, we currently have no choice but to wait for developments. We will be looking forward to the innovations that this technology will bring.

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