21 April 2021
Facebook CEO: teleportation occurs until 2030

Facebook CEO: teleportation occurs until 2030

Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg, virtual reality and augmented reality made remarkable statements about the future of technologies. Talking about his ambitious goals, Zuckerberg said. “Is teleportation possible?” clarified the question. Zuckerberg, By 2030, people can travel by teleporting explained.

Remarkable “teleport” statement from Facebook CEO

Stating that teleportation is a better solution for both society and the world, Mark Zuckerberg said. “Thanks to the teleportation, climate changes will decrease” told.

facebook ceo mark zuckerberg teleport

Facebook CEO’su Mark Zuckerberg, F8 konferasında

Facebook CEO’s While explaining his expectations for VR headsets, he said:

“One of the things that really excites me for future releases is eye tracking and face tracking. Because if you’re really excited about social presence, you want to make sure the device has all the truly compatible sensors. You need to portray realistic avatars to communicate well in this way.

“There will be great use cases…. For example, instead of having a voice or video chat with someone, you will just snap your fingers and teleport somehow and instantly, you will sit together on the sofa as if you were living together. “

Mark ZuckerbergHe said that people’s habits of traveling to work or elsewhere will change in the future. “In the future, people will want to travel a little less and do it more efficiently. e.g without physical movementThey will want to go to work or somewhere else. ” used the expressions.

Facebook CEO, in the continuation of his statement, said that teleporting will not be the only solution. Expressing that the means of transportation we currently use will continue to exist in the future, Zuckerberg explained his expectations with the following statements:

Along with cars and planes, all means of transport will continue to exist.. But thanks to teleportation, we will not only eliminate travel and activities that slow us down individually; at the same time, I hope it will be a better solution for society and the planet in general. ”

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