28 July 2021
Facebook deleted official account of Myanmar army

Facebook deleted official account of Myanmar army

February 1, 2021 when the army Myanmar’da waters do not clear. Coup The tension between the protesters and the military continues as the anti-protests continue.

Finally, to the official account of the Myanmar army, which shared about the actions in which some citizens were killed, Facebook Access denied by.

Facebook shuts down accounts that encourage aggression

Social media platform Facebook, Myanmar military “We blocked the Tatmadaw Accurate News Information Team page in line with our global policies, because it violated our community standards repeatedly,” he said, regarding the deletion of a page. These rules strictly prohibit promoting violence and coordinating aggression on the platform. Old US President Donald Trump, It was permanently blocked for similar reasons.

Facebook supervisory board

News of the subject Reuters, Myanmar his army and To Tatmadaw Do─čru News Team officials, He announced that he reached on the subject and officials refused to make a statement. Will there be sanctions against Facebook in the country ruled by the oppressive regime? curiosity.

In november before the elections to be held Facebook, announced that it has closed many accounts run by members of the military and propagating support to the putschists. These accounts are operated by the military and Chairman of the National Democratic Union Party about lie was publishing news.

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