4 August 2021
Facebook doesn't care about data breach

Facebook doesn’t care about data breach

Belgium based Data Newsan internal Facebook e-mail of the company 533 with leaked account information of million users, and data breach revealed the strategy to cope with. It was stated that the company expected more events of this kind and normalized it.

Facebook will make limited disclosure for the data breach

Facebook’a 533 million emerged strategy to deal with user’s leaked account information. Belgium based Data NewsThe firm plans to view the situation as an industry issue, according to an e-mail sent by mistake. In addition, he stated that the media’s interest in the subject will decrease after a while. Facebook, plans to make a limited explanation on the subject. Because in the news reflected in the press from high-level organizations on the subject 30 percent a decrease in the rate is observed.

facebook fails to care-data-breach-subject

Facebook confirming that the mail is genuine, BBC“We understand people’s concerns. That’s why we continue to strengthen our systems to make it harder to get information from Facebook without our permission and to chase down the people behind the leaks, ”he explained. on the other hand LinkedIn and ClubhouseIt has been stated that ‘has been experiencing similar problems for a while.

In 106 countries 533 million Data from the user posted on a hacking forum earlier this month. Facebook, data 2019He defended that it was obtained from public information on the site by stating that it was a leak from a leak reported in. But the firm Ireland by the data commissioner GDPR He is facing an investigation as to whether he has violated the (General Data Protection Regulation) rules.

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