23 July 2021
Facebook explores the legal consequences of facial recognition

Facebook explores the legal consequences of facial recognition

Facebook is measuring the legal consequences of creating facial recognition technology for the smart glasses it is currently developing and planning to launch later this year.

BuzzFeed NewsAccording to the news of Facebook WITH and VR Head Andrew BosworthHe told employees at an in-house meeting on Thursday that the company is currently assessing whether there is a legal framework that would allow it to integrate facial recognition technology into devices.

Also Bosworth “YSorry recognition can be the most complicated issue where the benefits are clear and the risks are clear, and we don’t know where to balance those things.It is stated that he said.

Facebook’s efforts to improve AR glasses continue

According to the report BosworthHe emphasizes that nothing has been decided yet and current state laws are quick to prove that Facebook will make it impossible for people to search for other people based on their real-world profile.

Following the publication of the report, Bosworth said, “openTo indicate that Tweet he threw it “still in the early stages“He shared that it was.

As you know, Facebook is on its social network to identify people in pictures and strengthen photo tag suggestions. face recognition used. But using technology in an extrovert, real-world capacity finds it a particularly sensitive issue.

The debate has been further strengthened by the lack of federal regulation surrounding its use, with government officials and private businesses discovering technology as a means of detecting and tracking civilians.

It is thought that smart glasses technology, which causes many questions, will be a topic of discussion for a longer period of time.

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