1 August 2021
Facebook faces 'Islamophobic' content lawsuit

Facebook faces ‘Islamophobic’ content lawsuit

Social media giant Facebookis experiencing a second shock following the recent data scandal. Company, anti-muslim content Non-governmental organization in the USA on the grounds that it has not been abolished “Muslim AdvocatesWas sued by ”.

Muslim Advocates, the reason for the case is that Facebook did not remove content containing anti-Muslim hate speech, of the company as making false and misleading statements according to their policies.

“Actions are organized on Facebook”

Muslim Advocates, Facebook’un on event pages He claims that actions and attacks against Muslims were carried out. Even Rohingya genocide in Myanmar, mass Muslim massacres in Indiaand Riots and murders targeting Muslims in Sri LankaUsed to organize i He claimed.

Muslim Advocates said, “The company says it instantly removes any hate speech and content that violates its policies, but it does not remove any hate speech against Muslims, despite complaints.”


The US House of Representatives has warned Facebook before

“Instead of taking meaningful steps to curb dangerous hate speech on the platform, Facebook is blaming a third party who uses ludicrous techniques to protect the anti-Muslim hate content that contributed to the genocide,” said Eric Naing, spokesperson for the NGO. used the expressions.

This case comes to mind US House of Representatives‘nden Facebook CEO’su Mark Zuckerberga sent to warning letterbrought to mind. In the letter sent, US officials asked about Facebook’s removal of anti-Muslim hate content. pretty slow that such discourses should be removed before reaching large masses. In the letter sent, “Facebook boasts of timely blocking 99 percent of content related to child porn and extremist violence. The platform should do the same for hate speech that is anti-Muslim or targets an ethnic or religious group. ” expressions were used.

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