19 April 2021
Facebook has taken a new step in political advertising

Facebook has taken a new step in political advertising

As you may remember, Facebook’s political advertising ban has been in effect since the end of the elections. After a long time, the company made a new decision regarding these bans. Facebook is banning political advertising, including those that address social issues. 4 Martannounced that he will remove it. Platform, 3 November night 2020 After the presidential election polls ended, the policy was implemented.

Facebook ends the ban after five months

Facebook, the ban of false information and “confusionAnnounced that it was put to prevent. Former President Donald Trumprefuses to accept the selection and 6 Ocak Capitol When the riot occurred, the company extended the ban.

Now, almost five months after its implementation, this ban is coming to an end. Facebook plans to start accepting new ads tomorrow morning. Google, which lifted its political advertising ban last month, followed a similar path.

Facebook, for its part, seems open to the idea of ​​reconsidering its policies on the subject. At the same time, the company will take time to examine how they are operating over the next few months and decide if further changes are needed. he states.

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