19 April 2021
Fall Guys fourth season costume silhouettes shared

Fall Guys fourth season costume silhouettes shared

Which will soon begin Fall Guys fourth season, It will bring with it a series of new costumes. Developer Mediatonic thrown by tweeted The silhouettes of the upcoming costumes were shared. The studio asked the actors to guess what these costumes might be.

The first silhouettes of the Fall Guys fourth season costumes are shared

Although none of the costumes are easy to identify, many game lovers have their own guesses. For costumes kept a secret for now Mediatonic, Tomorrow (5 March) pointed. Studio costumes Instagram, Twitter, Discord and TikTok announced that it will publish from their accounts.

Developer studio from fans before that fourth season to find clues about 2400 He asked them to complete a piece of jigsaw puzzle. The appearance of a flying saucer-themed costume and other extraterrestrial costumes in the puzzle, which was completed in a short time by the players, did not go unnoticed. Futuristic will have a theme the fourth season, It was predicted that the game would have such a theme due to the rebranding of the social media pages.


Mediatonic’in co-founder and CEO at the same time Dave Bailey, battle royale About the themed game “The first stage of the game, “The biggest game show in the world” was to create. And we, as Mediatonic, want to fulfill this passion. “When you think about it this way, there are a million different ways we can do it, and I hope people will see it happen in the future,” he said.

on the other hand Mediatonic’in Fortnite’ın also owner Epic Games It is worth noting that it was recently purchased by. Epic, which introduced another battle royale game, has not yet included the production in its own store. Biggest rival Steam platform, the game has been around for a long time. Now the most important question in minds is when is your game? Epic Games Store’a the future. Game 2020’de PS4’teki this summer after the custom console release Nintendo Switch and Xbox will be released on consoles.

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