23 July 2021
FBI launches investigation for Counter-Strike

FBI launches investigation for Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike GO has attracted great attention since its first release in 2012. Although it is an 8-year-old game, it is still played by millions. The giant production, which has made many firsts in the field of e-Sports, faced with the law.

Officials in Australia and the USA, Counter-Strike investigating some players about handicapping and illegal betting in their competitions. The E-sports Integrity Commission, to investigate a “small but important group” Working with the FBI.

CS: GO contains serious crimes

Allegations, It includes taking bribes from betting syndicates to distort matches. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, BritainIt is played as “e-sports” with millions of pounds in prize money. ESIC commissioner Ian Smith, YouTuber and in an interview with the player slash32, the FBI made it clear that the FBI was not just “to undermine the gaming industry by imposing severe penalties on players”. He said he was working to look at the ongoing match-fixing events.

The second, more serious investigation into organized match-fixing will likely take longer, as the FBI recently set up a sports betting research unit. The main focus of the unit will be Counter-Strike. “They are good but inexperienced because sports betting has never been a big thing in America,” Smith said.

Counter-Strikebeing one of the oldest eSports games and large prize funds, it can be used by both handicapping and software cheats. makes it vulnerable to. In January, ESIC banned the game from 35 Australian players who violated the anti-corruption law. In 2021, seven more players were banned. Also last year, 37 coaches overseeing teams of players gave them an unlimited view of certain parts of the game’s maps. banned from using the error.

Piers Harding-Rolls, research director of Ampere Analysis, said that the integrity of eSports is “crucial to its commercial potential.” “Any factor that undermines this will often have broader commercial implications for an industry struggling with profitability.” “Obviously, the involvement of law enforcement in the investigation of these match-fixing allegations is. This is the kind of solid response needed to steer eSports more directly than traditional sports and keep the transition. “

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the pioneering game in e-sports, continues to be the number one even though it has many accusations of cheating and handicapping.

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