5 August 2021
Final Fantasy 14 accounts fall victim to money trading

Final Fantasy 14 accounts fall victim to money trading

Developer of the Final Fantasy series Square Enix, More than 5 thousand Final Fantasy 14 announced that he banned his account for trading with real money. According to the studio’s statements, these accounts were involved in real money trading and ads that could upset the game.

Final Fantasy 14 asked players for help

Published from the game’s official website in the statement Square Enix, exactly 5 bin 37 stated that the account trades in real money and participates in other illegal activities. Developer studio 814 If your account real money trading that it was determined that your advertisement was organized and that these accounts are also from the game. being removed expressed.


On the other hand, a cheat report They were also asked to report advertisements so that others do not provide such services. All this probably It will not completely eliminate the problem. However, such activities may be reduced. to help Waiting.

MMO Buying power and gear for real money in their games is nothing new. However, seeing other players paying for upgrades they haven’t really earned can often be frustrating. To show your determination Square Enix “Players must take care to avoid any activity that violates the terms of service. This is a MMO It is absolutely valid for “he said.

Finally Final Fantasy 16’s PS5 In these days when he’s getting ready for Final Fantasy 14 which is the next expansion in Endwalker’ı Let us point out that it will take in the end of 2021.

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