21 April 2021
Finally: The delegate Twitter Turkey

Finally: The delegate Twitter Turkey

In public “social media lawIt is now known by everybody that social media platforms are obliged to appoint representatives within the scope of the regulation named as “. All platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn In compliance with this law, it appointed representatives and only Twitter was left. After the special news we shared with you in the morning hours pleasing statement came.

Many people think, “Will Twitter be shut down? Is there an access block to Twitter? ” questions came alive.

Twitter will have a representative in Turkey

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Dr. Omer Fatih SayanIn the post he made on his Twitter account “Now it will have a representative in Turkey on Twitter!“He gave the good news in a similar way with other platforms.

The bandwidth would have been limited if Twitter, which previously faced two fines and advertising ban, could not appoint a representative for failing to fulfill its obligations under the amendments to the law numbered 7253, popularly known as the social media law.

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