23 July 2021
Finch Capital, Wirecard bought in Turkey

Finch Capital, Wirecard bought in Turkey

Finch Capital today through Nomu Pay, which invests in payment assets Wirecard Payment and Electronic Money Services‘Ni (Wirecard Turkey) has agreed to buy. Of deal By the summer of 2021 is expected to be completed and stated to be subject to certain conditions, including regulatory approvals.

Finch Capital buys through Nomu Pay

This investment is part of Nomi larger plan to invest in the payment infrastructure in Turkey and Ortağog Shares. More details are expected following completion of the strategy and rebranding.

Radboud Vlaar, Managing Partner of Finch Capital, says:This tremendous growth opportunity, 80 million people living in Turkey will further enrich the payment experience.

Wirecard We’re excited to create a team led by CEO Serkan Yasin Turkey. We continue to seek more M&A opportunities in the region to accelerate growth and development..”

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