30 July 2021
Fine tuning the e-scooter: no pedestrian path!

Fine tuning the e-scooter: no pedestrian path!

Last year irregular electric scooter (e-scooter) Administrative fines were imposed on some users for their use. Making a statement after the e-scooter accidents and the penalties imposed, the authorities stated that the regulation will be prepared as soon as possible. Today in the Official Gazette e-scooter regulation published.

E-scooter regulation entered into force

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Environment and Urbanization and Interior Affairs The e-scooter regulation created by Turkey entered into force today. In the published regulation e-scooter operators Some rules have been introduced for.

E-scooter regulation entered into force

Regulation “Electric scooter (e-scooter): Maximum speed 25 km / h It is an electric vehicle that can reach, wheeled, has a brake mechanism, can have a footboard and handle, can include a vertical steering mechanism and can be used in a standing position. “

E-scooter users separate bike path or strip its use on the road is prohibited. also highway, intercity highways and on highways with a maximum speed of more than 50 km / h deportation is also among the prohibitions.

Other prohibitions are stated as follows,

Driving more than two of them side by side in a lane of the carriageway,

On pedestrian paths to be driven,

– Driving by being attached to another vehicle, hanging and holding,

– Driving with acrobatic movements, except for demonstrations with permission,

– Driving with one hand, except when signaling for maneuver,

-It will break the public order, will violate private property and pedestrians, people with disabilities or people with limited mobility parked in a way that prevents safe and independent movements, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, or

– While watching, passing, maneuvering other vehicles; Behaviors that make the movement of road users difficult and cause danger,

– Except for the driver transport of other people,

– Except for personal items that can be carried on the back freight and passenger transport it is forbidden.

In the published regulation shared e-scooter operators Some rules have been introduced for. Legal persons or organizations that want to be an operator, licence of authorization for 10.000 TL will deposit mortar. In addition, the regulation states that the fees paid for the authorization certificate will not be refunded.

The institutions that will allow for shared e-scooter operators are as follows:

Shared e-scooter to be used in their activities.scooter for;

a) In provinces with a metropolitan municipality board UKOME’den,

b) In provinces that do not have a metropolitan municipality from the provincial traffic commission,

c) Permission will be obtained from the relevant institutions and enterprises authorized to them in the areas specified by special laws and where the authorities specified in subparagraphs (a) and (b) are not assigned or authorized.

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