18 April 2021
First DLC pack for Crusader Kings 3 on the way

First DLC pack for Crusader Kings 3 on the way

Crusader Kings 3 Coming the first DLC pack. It has become a must-have of today’s strategy games. DLC packages can add many different contents to the game. Developers are starting to make money only with DLC packages after a while. In fact, the only thing they can sell after a long process is the game they develop. DLC packages It has become a tool that allows developers to constantly make money. Still, some players are happy with this situation. Because the content of the game is constantly renewed and becomes richer with each DLC package.

Crusader Kings 3 first DLC pack comes with Viking theme

Crusader Kings 3 It has become indispensable for many players with the gameplay and diplomacy system it offers. The first among the most popular strategy games DLCwill take. First DLC Viking themed it will be. The developers posted a video about how the DLC package will be and what’s new.

If this new DLC is called The Northen Lords Flavor It comes across as. The Northen Lords DLC will add new music, new designs, 3D models, events and decisions to the game. Although the features sound good, contrary to popular belief, it will not be a big DLC. According to the developers The Northen Lords DLC the pack will be more focused.

The Northen Lords Flavor DLC’s yes 16 Mart will be out on the day.

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