21 April 2021
First look at Volkswagen's innovative car

First look at Volkswagen’s innovative car

Volkswagen, the innovative electric vehicle to be at the top of the electric (EV) range “Project Trinity” released a new promotion for. Posted in The teaser outlines the car with an innovative design unlike other current Volkswagen models.

Car rear doors, stylish roofline, LED light bar, short front and rear overhangs draws attention with its four-door design. Your promotion will likely be used to preview the final production model concept model is stated to be.

Project Trinity It will be at the top of the EV series

Volkswagen’in Project Trinity to production 2026It is expected to begin in. When the car is launched, a new architecture to be supported by and German automaker’s It will feature much more advanced electric powertrain and battery technology than it currently uses. also Level 4 autonomous able to drive.

Volkswagen CEO’s Ralf Brandstatter, recently made a statement about the future cars. CEO;

“Trinity is a kind of crystallization point for our acceleration strategy, a lighthouse project, and our software dream car. We use our economies of scale to make autonomous driving available to many people and build a learning neural network. In this way, we create conditions for continuous data exchange from our vehicle fleet. For example, about the traffic situation, obstacles or accidents ” said.

Finally Project Trinity In addition to his teaser, VW Group president Herbert Diess one In a LinkedIn postwithout cab for driver MAN‘in fully electric and fully autonomous Let’s also note that he published a demonstration of his truck.

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