28 July 2021
First official images of Huawei Mate X2

First official images of Huawei Mate X2

Huawei’s new foldable phone, one of the prominent brands of the foldable phone market Mate X2The first official images came. Mate X2, the highly anticipated foldable smartphone of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2It draws attention with its similarity to.

Huawei Mate X2 to offer four different color options

According to the images published on a news website called Voice, Huawei will present its new generation foldable phone in four different options as black, blue, pink and white.

Your foldable phone Kirin 9000’den expected to take strength. On the operating system side Arrival of Android 10 Huawei Mate X2’s battery capacity 4.400 mAh It is claimed to offer battery capacity.

The camera right of the device will have a quad rear camera setup and 50 Megapixels resolution main camera, 16 Megapixels ultra wide angle, 12 Megapixels telephoto lens and 8 Megapixels It is suggested that it will include the depth sensor.

When we look at the screen size of the device, it is turned on 8 inch when folded 6.45 inch It is stated to have dimensions.

According to china February 22What do you think about the first appearance of the device expected to be introduced in?

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