1 August 2021
First teaser poster from Army of the Dead movie arrived

First teaser poster from Army of the Dead movie arrived

Justice League last month with the new four-hour editing of the movie HBO Max famous director coming to the platform Zack Snyder now its route Netflixconverted to. New zombie-themed movie by the experienced filmmaker Army of the Dead He started counting the days to meet his audience.

In 2004 Dawn of the Dead Snyder, who made his directorial debut with his movie, now returns to his essence and creates a new zombie story discussed. Director for the project developed since 2007 For 14 years works. The movie, which is now finished and the first trailer released last month, is almost completely ready. Finally, the film’s curious promotion poster also appeared.

Army of the Dead is on stage with its glittering poster!

Justice League A more colorful film after dark works like Zack SnyderOn the poster of Army of the Dead, it showed us what a sparkling world we will encounter. Next month Netflix’te The glittering poster of the movie, which will make its world premiere, is as follows:

Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead promotional poster

Master actor in the center of the poster Dave Bautista, over “Always Bet On DeadHe stands with four mercenaries on top of a slot machine that says ”(Always bet on the dead). Behind them are colorful graphics such as a neon skull, lots of flying coins, lipstick, dice and diamonds.

The poster for Army of the Dead released today is Snyder’s DC UniverseHe clearly implies that he will do a different job than his work at. Both the poster and the trailer reveal the bright, surprising and fun-filled details of the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, the trailer of the movie is as follows:

With its gripping story Army of the Dead after a zombie epidemic Las Vegasextends to. Dave Bautista a group of mercenaries led by him seizes the opportunity and plots to rob an abandoned casino. But on the other hand, the zombie hordes are already chasing the soldiers and the events are unfolding. New Zack Snyder movie On May 21 It will be broadcast on the Netflix platform.

Zack Snyder is soon Army of the Dead prequel dizisi aims to appear with. A production that will convey another story set in the same zombie universe to the audience anime will be shot as. However, it remains unclear when this project will come to life and at what stage it is for now.

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